FNF Smoke 'Em Out Struggle

Recommended game.

Become an expert of funki music and dance play now to this new game. Friday Night Funkin' Smoke 'Em Out Struggle! is a new mod of this fun musical game in which you will have a chance to face a tough competition against Garcello, a character always connected to a cigarette that was created by Atsuover & Rageminer. Are you ready to fight him in an exciting battle?

The smoke he emits, including the tip of his cigarette, matches the colors of the arrows that will appear across the screen. With his health a little weakened due to his bad habits, Garcello will start to feel weird and sweat a lot throughout the songs. Enjoy tracks like "Fading", "Dip" and "Release" where the protagonist's reaction will change as the game progresses, get your girlfriend's sweet love back and have a great time!

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