Chainsaw Dance

Recommended game.

Chainsaw Dance you will have to move in rhythm and perform dance steps in a coordinated way with the tempo of the music in order to impress (or distract) the man with the chainsaw who captured you.
The game is inspired by the famous chainsaw main comic series. Combined with the wonderful melodies from around the world, the game brings a sense of excitement and fear for players when danger is always lurking on your mistakes.

Make your heroine dance by pressing the keys on your keyboard in sync with the song played and score points each time you perform the right dance step. The man with the chainsaw only likes rock music and dancing to it will not be easy. If the introduction will allow you to warm up quietly, dancing in a synchronized way on the chorus or on the guitar solos will be very difficult and will require unfailing concentration. But it's a question of survival, if you want to manage to coax the man with the chainsaw you will have to achieve the best possible score!. Good luck!

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